Rhätische Bahn

Once quaint and leisurely, rail travel is more and more mimicking the soulless experience dished out regularly by the airlines. Switzerland's Rhätische Bahn(RbH) thinks some things are best left alone. Commuters on its bright red rolling stock are still free to open the window when carriages get a tad stuffy and prop themselves up on proper wooden armrests when reading the paper. Train wagons have curtains, carpeting and woven seat fabrics with a classic railroad look, made by locals. Outside, the Alps give riders a perfect excuse to peer up from their work while shuttling back and forth across the Engadine at a less frenetic pace. Monocle, 2012

train driver
man in train
waiting room trainstation
train entering tunnel
man in train
coffee and croissant
train operator
train in snow
woman looking out the window
clock at train station
train red
woman in train